Leave Your Nest: Bike, Walk, Hike, and Play Outside

Leave Your Nest: Bike, Walk, Hike, and Play Outside

small girl on a purple scooter at a park
Scooting at Shelby Bottoms Greenway

Go outside and play is something I say to myself as I get my kids ready to go spend time outdoors. And people moving to Nashville often want to be near fun outdoor spots. In my Build Your Nest Buyer Questionnaire one question I ask is, “In an ideal world, where could you go when you first step outside your door?” Often people talk about outdoor trails, sidewalks, playgrounds, parks, and the outdoor space in their current neighborhoods. With the past eight weeks spent mostly at home except for time outside, parks and trails are that much more valuable.

Last week I shared with some new clients three maps that are useful for identifying what public outdoor spaces are near any given homes and neighborhoods. Here they are:

Greenways for Nashville is a private non-profit that partners with the city, businesses, and individuals to build pedestrian and bike-friendly trails throughout Davidson County. The idea is that eventually the trails will be linked into longer and longer trails throughout the county. They began with shorter trails spread out throughout the county and have been working to lengthen and link them since. They have an Interactive Map on their site showing current trailheads, and many are within residential neighborhoods.

Cornelia Fort was a private Airport that is now a city park. Their field of runways provides endless runways for kites, remote control cars, and good old field running.

Davidson County’s Metro Parks System offers everything from playgrounds to pools. They offer a Park Finder allows you to search by activities like tennis, mountain biking, dog parks, disc golf, etc.,. You can also search by location if you’re not familiar with the different areas of the city.

That’s not all! One favorite trail and park of locals is Radnor Lake. It’s actually a state park so is often under the radar of newcomers. That said, people who live close enough to enjoy it really love it. Once I got to go on their park guide led sunrise kayaking excursion and loved it. Besides Radnor, Tennessee State Parks also offer quite a few waterfalls, camping, and hiking options just a short drive out of the city. Their interactive map is quite helpful for planning day trips and longer adventures.

And here’s a bonus, in cities with greenways including Nashville, greenway entrances within easy walking distance have been shown to improve a home’s value to potential Buyers. I see this often as the parks system and greenways are expanded and locations grow in popularity around them.

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