Landscaping: Curb Appeal and Beyond

A great-looking yard completes the picture your home creates. Not only does it help the key feaure “curb appeal.” It also makes your home and yard feel livable and complete.

As an investment,  a rule of thumb to keep your landscape in line with your home is to budget about 10% of the home’s value for landscaping. This includes hardscapes such as retaining walls, walkways, and patios or decks. The actual amount spent can be reduced by providing all or some of one’s own labor.

Fall is a great time to plant trees. Even though saplings are small, they most often grow large. Before planting is the best time to note how large they will eventually become and plant in a large enough space. Fall is also a great time to plant grass, bulbs, pansies and shrubs. It’s my favorite time for getting my vegetable garden ready for summer and spring.

This summer I moved to a new home with almost no landscaping. Looking at my own yard has me thinking about what goes into good landscaping.

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1 Reply on “Landscaping: Curb Appeal and Beyond

  1. Everyone has landscaping in their yard. It may be extensive gardens or could be simple concrete pathways. The addition of plants, changes to the existing land and creating structures are all part of landscaping. Modern landscaping makes changes to your yard with the addition of plants, grading or backfilling, building fences, patio covers decks, raised planters, adding exterior water features, lighting, sprinkler systems and more.