Make the Green Power Switch in Tennessee

Green Power is energy derived from renewable resources such as wind, methane gas, and the sun. You can buy it from TVA in 150-kilowatt blocks for $4.

  • The money you pay is an investment in renewable energy.
  • To have the same impact as buying two blocks of green power for a year you can: plant an acre of trees, recycle 15,322 aluminum cans, or recycle 1,766 pounds of newspaper.
  • In 2010 the Green Power Switch is celebrating its tenth birthday. It has over 12,000 residential customers.

Sign up at Green Power Switch.

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1 Reply on “Make the Green Power Switch in Tennessee

  1. Kate, your blog is very well done, Tons of great content! I am really starting to dive head first into educating myself to be more fluent in GREEN housing, going to head over to Green Power Switch now thanks for the heads up!