Which February Holiday (or non-holiday) Describes You?

Which February Holiday (or non-holiday) Describes You?

What holiday do you have on your February calendar?
A.) Super Bowl
B.) Valentine’s Day
C.) Mardi Gras
D.) Lent
E.) Chinese New Year

I love that for Nashville, February is the last month of winter.

Everything will start turning green by March and early spring gardens are a safe bet. We have four reasons for a celebration and one reason for a diet during the dreary days of rain before we can air out our houses and start spending more time outside.

If you’re like me and you didn’t completely clear your garden beds before fall, now is the time to run outside and do it. My overgrown beds are easiest to pull while the ground is soft but the plants are not yet re-established.

When people ask me when Nashville’s selling season starts I always think February. People start gearing up after the Super Bowl for their spring listings. I can’t wait to see how our market grows this year!

Here’s to a fun end to winter and a warm welcome to spring! 

Kate’s Answer: Happy Year of the Goat!

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