Home For Life: New Modular Home Company

Since the average new homeowner is likely to move in three to five years, many people have developed moving fatigue and refused to pack or unpack ever again. Seeing a market, one company developed homes that are completely portable but that are not trailers. Made like legos, each room pops on and off a base or on top of another room. All room units are pre-wired, and plumbing is built into kitchens, utility rooms and baths. People can buy interior bases for furniture so that fully furnished rooms can be moved with ease and popped into place when they reach their new locations. Since rooms and staircase units can be added and subtracted whenever one wishes, there is an unlimited number of sizes and configurations. Stylistically, the one thing people may need to choose and stick with is exterior finishes, but even those can be mixed up for more fun.

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