Show Your Home Some Love

Like a tended child or an orderly office, a well-loved home is apparent to everyone who sees it. A well-loved home can sometimes appeal to Buyers more than a new home, if the improvements make it seem more “finished”. The reverse is also true in that a home where repairs and improvements are left undone can scare Buyers away. Regular maintenance and care can make any home seem loved.

Pruning trees, or even more importantly, removing dead trees, trimming shrubbery, and adding mulch to beds keeps a yard looking loved. Keeping exterior paint scraped and fresh helps, as does  power-washing exterior surfaces. Keeping up with these tasks helps a neighborhood keep its value.

Inside a home little things make a huge difference. These are a few small projects that can make a big difference:


-sealing and/or replacing grout

-installing backsplashes

-upgrading light fixtures

-patching drywall or plaster

-re-painting walls, trim, and doors

-hanging artwork and pictures

-eliminating clutter

-updating house numbers, mailbox, kick plates, and front door knobs

-replacing broken window panes

-replacing kitchen and bath faucets

-installing new cabinet pulls

-replacing or steam-cleaning carpet

-having the heat and air serviced

-possibly upgrading plumbing fixtures

-Retiling where tiles are cracked or missing

An extensive list like this for your interior and exterior should be considered regular maintenance, not improvements to be squeezed in just prior to selling.  Keeping up with these tasks will not only make your home more enjoyable for you, but it will also help you to maintain, if not improve, your home’s value.

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